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== Made with Unity for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 ==

A top-down 3D co-op  game, inspired by the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, where you must lure and catch all rats by combining your efforts.

The game is nearly impossible to win alone - yes, because two players are Stronger Together. #thisIsTheTheme

We recommend you use 2 gamepads, but a keyboard and a gamepad should be okay (tested with xbox controllers).

/!\ We used several 3rd party assets for the map, graphics, FX and sounds (especially Synty assets: https://syntystore.com/). /!\

Have fun! :)





With special thanks to Guilhem TRAUCHESSEC


* Game controls *

Use the two game mechanics to lure and kill (by surrounding them with your beautiful music) all the rats.

- Gamepad:

Left stick to move

Left trigger to use the follow power

Right trigger to use the surround / kill power (all the rats in a closed zone will be drowned)

- Keyboard:

Arrows / WASD to move

Left shift / Left mouse click to use the follow power

Right shift / Right mouse click to use the surround / kill power

Install instructions

- Download the zip

- Click click Jhamelin Session.exe


Jhamelin_Session_0.2.zip 37 MB

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